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What my clients say is extremely important to my business. Without client satisfaction, I would not have a business. That’s why Sarah’s Healing Hands is so invested in making sure that clients are happy with all of the healing treatments and services I offer. Take a look at what my past clients have said about their experiences working with me and schedule your appointment today.

Not gonna lie! I was skeptical but she had me floating almost immediately! I could actually feel the negative energy leaving my body! Such a positive experience! I highly recommend you give her a call! Looking forward to my next session!

Sarah is absolutely phenomenal at what she does! Amazing lady, amazing healing! You won’t be disappointed coming to see her!

My fiancé struggles with RA, and lower back issues, after the visit with Sarah, she felt like a million bucks. Great Job Sarah!!! We will be back for sure!!!

Thank you for helping me. I will be coming back that’s for sure. You made me a new person and I look at things differently! 

Sarah is amazing!! I was shocked to see how much she felt from me, it was great to feel relief after my visit. Highly recommended for alternative healing.

I went in thinking ok I'll give it a try but not believing it could really help. Sarah was amazing in zeroing into each and every problem I was having. The environment was clean, welcoming and loved!! She took the time to explain and teach as she heals. She truly is a blessing!

Sarah was absolutely amazing! She was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She was sensitive to my feelings and turned every tear into a teaching moment. She is such a great listener and is so tentative to her clients. The amount of welcoming feelings she provides makes her environment so positive.  She is absolute best!

Do yourself a huge favor and go see Sarah. She is absolutely incredible. Very professional and also very personable and easy to connect with on a personal level. She was able to pull things out that there is absolutely no way she could have known if not for her insight and abilities. She has a comfortable environment as well and I will definitely be seeing her again!

I was a little hesitant to go see Sarah at first. I didn't realize how much negativity I was holding onto. She was very kind and knew things no one could have. She made me feel comfortable and is an amazing listener and is so gentle with your feelings. I cant thank Sarah enough for helping me in my healing process. Go see her, you wont regret it!

Absolutely Amazing!! I instantly connected with Sarah and felt a strong urge to speak to her about helping heal my grieving daughter. Sarah was nothing short of a miracle. Helping my daughter understand her energy and helping to heal her body which has been suffering from her emotional state. I can’t say enough about our experience... we even received a message from my daughters father, which has allowed her a bit of peace around his death. Sarah - Thank YOU! I’ve got to get on that table myself soon! 💗

Sarah has such a sweet soul and calming presence. She went the extra mile literally and came to me. Very hard to find people that genuinely care about you and show up. My experience with Sarah did help me deplete some anxiety and I look forward to our next session. 🙏❤️

I was skeptical of Reiki in general, but my sessions with Sarah removed all doubt from my mind. She was very in tune with my body's pain without me having to tell her anything. And the healing effects were immediately noticeable. It has only gotten better with each session.

Sarah changed the course of my mind, my heart, and my soul. She is extremely intuitive, educational, knowledgeable and empathetic. Things  that have had a hold on me my entire life feel lighter, manageable, and are in tact in my life for the first time. I am so grateful that she does what she does!

Sarah is a joy to work with. She is so calm and helps you to relax and find your inner peace. No craziness I promise, it’s all real 😃❤️

I had an amazing session with Sarah! She is very kind, loving, understanding, and in tune. We were able to get a lot of healing done! She was able to help with my physical pain greatly! It has been weeks since our session and I can still feel the  positive effects from it! I highly recommend her!!!

Sarah is amazing! she can totally read what's wrong and left me feeling like a new person! she helped me release my stuck energy! I'd recommended her to anyone! thank you so much! I feel so much better!

Sarah is out of this world incredible! A true Reiki master/healer! Her energy is incredible and she gives it her all! The energy I felt moving through my body was amazing! The negativity exiting is something that everyone should experience! I've had experiences with other Reiki masters and all I can say is Sarah is #1 in my book!

Amazing session! Sarah is a Reiki Master that I trust and she has a fantastic energy that made me feel comfortable and able to relax.

I can't empathize this enough, right from my first visit, she helped me to change my life. I had so much pain, guilt, and self loathing I was carrying around and didn't even realize. No joke, the very next day after my first session, I felt like a new person. The guilt that kept me up at night sobbing was suddenly gone. It was like she helped to guide my soul into letting it all go and not getting so caught up in my mental tornadoes. 10/10, will go back to her again and again. I can't to see what else she helps me to let go!

Sarah is out of this world incredible! A true Reiki master/healer! Her energy is incredible and she gives it her all! The energy I felt moving through my body was amazing! The negativity exiting is something that everyone should experience! I've had experiences with other Reiki masters and all I can say is Sarah is #1 in my book!

Sarah was kind and respectful. She was so in tune that she was able to identify areas of blockage that pertained to my past that were very specific and something I had not shared with her. I will definitely be back.

Sarah is amazing, I was super nervous my first time seeing her and she makes you feel super comfortable and welcome. By the end of my session I felt so much more energetic, I felt a freeing sense and more empowered. (I wish I could have her preform reiki on me every day🤣) I also got confirmation on things from my father who passed away, thru one of Sarah's gifts. It felt so healing to cry, and have her be there spiritually holding your hand so to speak. If you're a skeptic or not into and of the 'spiritual woo woo ' just go have a session and see for yourself. Its not scary, it's not bad or dangerous it's literally just energy work. You never know what buried trauma or emotions was holding you back and making you physically ill. Weather you believe it or not you will leave her sessions feeling great.

I came into my appointment with an open mind. A little skeptical to be honest. Sarah is a hoot! She’s easy to talk to and if you’re not a talker she makes you feel comfortable. I felt so relaxed and positive. I walked out of there feeling renewed and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Can’t wait to go back!

Sarah is the sweetest person! She’s very down to earth. Honest but gentle with your feelings . She explains everything to you to help you understand what she is saying to you and what she does to help you understand process while you with her and continue your journey with healing even after.

Appointments readily available. Sarah has years of experience and knowledge to help remove the energy that no longer serves you. I always sleep better after a session. She has a friendly listening ear and calming presence. Let Sarah help you feel better!

I would give this woman 10 stars if I could. Sarah is amazing. I have spent years working in the residential treatment, working with medical professionals and going to my own therapy appointment. 1 hour in Sarah’s hands I felt the hopelessness I have been struggling with for so very long start to leave my mind. For the rest of that day as a matter of fact for the rest of the week I found myself smiling and having more positive thoughts. Others were able to approach me in public and at home without hesitation as before I always was looking at the ground and I never was smiling. I would highly recommend this amazing beautiful soul Ms. Sarah to anyone who is struggling to find peace and love within themselves. Thank you Sarah so much for your amazing gifts. I will be coming back very very soon and I am bring you a few new clients .

Sarah is truly wonderful. Right away she recognized and gave advice with some smaller issues I had been having. She creates a beautiful safe space that you feel so comfortable and free to express yourself.

After my first session, I already felt so much lighter and validated. I had tools we talked about to handle what I was struggling with. And it isn’t even all just struggles. She noticed things about me that I kind of had felt were true but also felt couldn’t be possible. She is a beautiful soul that feels like your best friend the first time you meet her.

She is great at what she does. I will definitely go back but it’s not at intervals I thought because each one is so helpful that I feel stronger each time I leave and more ready to take on life. That’s how you know you’ve found a healer in that they are truly healing so that you don’t have to see them constantly.

Sarah is amazing! This was my first experience with Reiki and I was amazed. I was able to release tension and feelings that I’ve had so quite some time and was able to feel light and relieved after my session. Sarah is extremely in tune to you and your needs. I’ve never met Sarah before my appointment and it was like she new me and we’ve been friends for years. I can’t wait to schedule my next session. Thanks, Sarah!

Sarah is out of this world incredible! A true Reiki master/healer! Her energy is incredible and she gives it her all! The energy I felt moving through my body was amazing! The negativity exiting is something that everyone should experience! I've had experiences with other Reiki masters and all I can say is Sarah is #1 in my book!

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