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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you treat clients with severe anxiety and depression?

Does A Reiki Session Hurt?

I treat many clients who have severe anxiety sometimes accompanied by depression. These clients have felt tremendously better by our first session. Each session afterwards their emotional state gets better and better. 

What will my first session be like?

Most of  my clients find almost immediately a sense of calm and peace that they haven't felt in a very long time. By the time we are completely done most say that they literally feel lighter, almost as if the weight of their traumas was lifted and can breathe easier.

Oh no not at all your body will release what it needs to in order for the stuck or dull energy to finally start to move again. Some clients can feel the energy moving throughout their body. They think its awesome to feel the shifting energy. 

I treat many clients with severe health issues. The one that sticks out is my client had end stage renal disease "kidneys weren't working" who wasn't able to relax and get comfortable. After my session she was finally able to be calm and have less anxiety.

Do you treat clients with severe health problems?

What do you specialize in?

Is it associated with Religion?

I specialize in Trauma and Addiction

Is Reiki witchcraft?

Reiki is not associated with any type of witchcraft. But what do you consider witchcraft? Does praying over your sick children count? Or what about giving them vitamins and oils? No matter what you say or do technically its a form of witchcraft.

Reiki is not and will not ever be associated with any religion. Reiki is solely about the energy force that resides within a person, and the healing energy that assists with the healing is whatever higher being you believe in.

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