A Grown Man Asked me about Reiki

Today was humbling, while inside 7-11 a man walked in and asked who Sarah was I said me raising my hand like I was in grade school he asked me about what my Jeep said and I simply explained #reikihealing and all of the healing properties that came along with it. He explained that he was asking for his friend who had neuropathy and wanted to help but just didn’t know how. I asked him if he would like one of my cards and he said yes please. I had some #crystals with me and asked him to hold them in his hand and just focus on what his body was doing. After a min or two I asked if he felt calmer and he replied YES and I then said that is just a small example of what I was able to do. He took my cards and said he would give it to his friend and that he might be calling me for himself. I love that grown men are asking me about #reiki 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💜

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